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How to set up SAML SSO using Okta?

By Neda Ali
October 16, 2023

This guide aims to provide a systematic and user-friendly approach to navigate Okta effectively offering a better method to streamline resource and service management within the platform. 


I. Enabling SSO settings in the Beagle Security page 

This navigation guides users in configuring Single Sign-On (SSO) settings within Beagle Security for streamlined and secure authentication access. All the URLs to be given in the Okta settings page will be available on the Beagle SSO Settings page. 


  1. In the Beagle Security page, choose "Okta" from the available options. 

  1. Click on "Start Integration." 

  1. You will be redirected to the next page. 

  1. Copy the Audience URI (SP Entity ID)" and paste it on the Okta page in the corresponding field labeled Audience URI 

  1. Similarly, copy the "Single Sign-On URL" and paste it on the Okta page in the appropriate field labeled "Single Sign-On URL." 

II. Create a new application in Okta 

  1. Log into Okta admin panel, then go to the "Applications" section by clicking "Applications" in the side menu bar to “create a new app integration. "  


  1. Select ‘SAML 2.O’ and click “Next” 

  2. In the "Create a SAML Integration" screen, provide and ‘Application Name’ in the ‘General’ section 

  3. Upload the Logo (if any) >> Click the ‘Next’ button 


III. Setting up the basic SAML configuration  


  1. Under the 'General' section, specify the 'App URL’. 

  1. Navigate back to Beagle Security 


IV. Adding the Attributes Statements & Claims 

  1. Copy ‘Email’ from the Beagle Security page and paste it into the corresponding field on the Okta page labeled ‘Name’ 

  1. Click the 'Value' dropdown menu, then choose "" 

  1. After completing these steps, click "NEXT" to proceed. 


V. Completing okta configuration 

  1. From the screen: "Are you a customer or a partner?" choose "I'm a software vendor, and I want to integrate my application with Okta." 

  1. Then, click "Finish" to complete the process. 


VI. Metadata URL 


  1. Choose the "Single Sign-On" section, scroll down to find "Metadata Details">> "Metadata URL." >> Copy this URL. 

  1. Return to the Beagle Security Settings page and paste the copied URL into the corresponding field labeled "Metadata URL." 

  1. If there are any roles to assign, do so at this stage. 

  1. Finally, click "TURN ON" to activate the integration. 



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