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How to set up SAML SSO using Azure?

By Neda Ali
October 16, 2023

This step-by-step guide aims to simplify user navigation in Azure, offering a clear and simple approach to streamline resource and service management within the platform. 


I. Enabling SSO settings in Beagle Security change 

This navigation guides users in configuring Single Sign-On (SSO) settings within Beagle Security for streamlined and secure authentication access. All the URLs to be given in the Azure settings page will be available in the Beagle SSO Settings page. 

  1. Navigate to Beagle Security Home page >> click on "Settings" >>"Organization." 


  2. Choose "Azure" >> click on "Start Integration.” 

II.    Create an enterprise application in Azure 

  1. Log/Access into Azure Active Directory and click on ‘create a new application’ from the Enterprise Applications page. 


  1. Begin the process of creating your application by providing an identifiable name 

  1. Select the option "Integrate any other application not found in the gallery" from the menu.  

  2. Proceed by clicking on "Continue." 

  3. After creating the application with the given name >>click on the ‘Application’  


  1. Choose "SAML" from the available options. 

  2. Access the configuration menu on the screen, then click on "Basic SAML Configuration" 

  3. Click on "Edit" to make changes to the configuration. 



III. Setting up the basic SAML configuration 

  1. For replacing the "Identifier (Entity ID)" copy the Entity ID from the Beagle SSO settings page 

  1. Similarly, for "Reply URL", copy and paste the Reply URL from the Beagle SSO settings page >> Save 


IV. Adding the Attributes Mapping and Claims 


  1. Click "Edit," and then navigate to the Beagle SSO settings page.  

  1. Under "Additional Claims”, copy the 'email' attribute from the Beagle SSO settings page >> Paste against ‘Name’ in Azure 


  1. After completing these steps, click "Save." This ensures that the claimed attributes are saved and will be reflected in the Attribute Mapping. 


V. Federation meta URL 

  1. Copy the "App Federation Meta URL" provided by Azure and paste it into the corresponding field on the Beagle Security SSO Settings page. 

  1. Then, click on the 'Turn On' button. 

  1. Upon successful completion, you will receive a confirmation or success message displayed on the screen. 



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