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How to do HTML Tag Verification

By Nandagopal S
May 11, 2023

In the HTML Tag verification method, you need to add a snippet to the HTML of your website in order to complete the domain verification. 


  1. Adding the given tag to your website 

Once you’ve created the application, copy the given snippet and paste it within the <head> tag in the HTML of your target website. Save and confirm that the tag is present on the live page. 

For example:  


<title> homepage</title> 

<meta name="_gllrs6vos2hwcczragkiqutjb8cbdlfl" signature="_39lkoq6l0p7ud3dx4681w0bwm9kn0c0a" /> 



  1. Providing basic HTTP authentication details (if available) 

If your website requires basic HTTP authentication, select the checkbox “The website has basic/HTTP authentication”. Provide username and passwords within respective fields under the checkbox.  

Skip this step if your website does not require basic HTML authentication.  


  1. Verifying your domain 

Click on the “Verify domain” button. Your domain will now be verified by Beagle Security.  

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