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How to create a team and add team members?

By Rejah Rehim
January 10, 2022

To create a team and add users as team members to your Beagle Security account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings and select Team Access

  2. Enter a Team Name and click on Create button

  3. Click on the Add new member button

    Note: An account admin can grant admin access or role-based access permissions (view/execute/edit) to other users. For further clarifications regarding permissions, kindly refer to the help document of levels of access.

  4. Enter a user’s email address, activate the Admin radio button and click on Invite button 

    Note: If you want to add multiple admin users, kindly repeat the 4th step.

  5. Now, for non-admin users, enter their email address. Specify whether you want to grant access to All projects/a specific project/a specific application 

  6. Assign the user required access permission (view/execute/edit) from the drop-down menu  

  7. Click on the Invite button 

  8. Repeat the above-mentioned steps to add additional team members 

    Your team member will receive the invitation email to join the team. And once they accept the invitation and sign up/login to their account, you will be able to collaborate with your teammates on your workspace. 

Note: You can assign access permissions to more projects or applications for team members once they have joined the team.

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